Google Place

As cities grow large, it becomes difficult to search for addresses and locations. The development has also led to increase in property values which makes searching even more tougher as people nowadays open their offices or businesses where rates are the least. There are numerous online directories that provide the correct address of a firm or business house but the problem arises when you cannot find that address on the streets. This happens because a single street is known by many names such as an official name, common name, old name, popular name etc. which might not be known by the online directories or people living in the city. Similarly when there are multiple zones to a single area then too it becomes quite difficult to search address without getting lost.

At such times Google Place come in handy. Their navigation feature takes us hand by hand to the desired location. Its street view gives us a sense of confidence and helps us in getting recognition. Since there were some privacy related issues Google has been blurring the faces of people, license plates of vehicles etc. to keep a person's privacy intact. But that also helps us in getting us where we want to reach. Google Place is an initiative by Google wherein it lets you manage your listing. It allows you to monitor and manage the information that will be available to users whenever they search about your listing.

Google Place allows you to make your listing even more precise by letting you add your location on Maps. This means that you can now pin point your exact address but also help others to reach you by creating markers throughout the route. You can guide a person by telling him when he should turn and how long will it take to reach you. the driving instructions that you give a person on phone can be done through Maps and that too in a better manner. The navigation feature will precisely guide the person to his desired destination. Through Google Place you can make your listings even more accurate than they were.

Getting yourself to the top position on Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will take weeks but listing yourself on Google Place will only take a few days. This will not only give you a top position on Google but will also let you to add link to your website. Through Google Place listing you'll be able to guide your customers step by step to reach your doorstep. You'll also be a allowed to interact with them and get reviews. This will not only give you a competitive edge but will also make you famous in no time.

Google has been continuously updating its listings to the Google Place dashboard from old platforms. In India, this work is done by Highlex Technologies. Visit Google Place and add your business listing today. Add correct and accurate information about your business. Upload photos, videos and street views. This is no doubt the best way to appear on Google.